Will my unit come with bleached knots and customized?

Yes! When you order your fabulous unit, whether it be a custom made wig or an in stock wig, each wig is customized with bleached knots. Re-bleaching your knots is not recommended. When handling a lace frontal, please handle with care, as Improper handling will result in damage causing the lace frontal to shed.


Avoid itching your scalp through your lace frontal, as this can cause shedding.

When applying your lace frontal, avoid pulling on the lace, as this can cause weakness

in the area and lead to shedding.

Avoid brushing or combing lace frontal roughly, remember to always comb frontal with a

wide tooth comb or paddle brush starting with the roots.


Below list the items in the package.

•An adjustable headband

•Sewn on a breathable wig cap

•Full customized

•Bleached knots


How long does a lace frontal wig last?

A lace frontal wig created by Savi Hair Collection can last

2-3 years with proper maintenance and care. A lace frontal wig from Allure by Savi will last up to a year.


How do you apply a lace frontal wig?

Applying a lace frontal takes time and patience. For a more natural look it is best to have flat conrows underneath so that the wig lays nice and flat.


For a more detailed answer and demonstration please watch one of our videos by clicking here.


How long will it take for bundles to ship out?

After payment has been received and verified. Bundles will ship out in approximately 3-5 business days.

Orders are NOT shipped out on weekends or holidays. All items shipped from Savi Hair Collection require a signature confirmation. Items will not be delivered unless it has been signed for. All shipping is offered through USPS, expected time of delivery is 3-7 business days after tracking number is sent out to customer via email provided. Savi Hair Collection is not responsible for shipping delays due to natural disasters or holiday.


How long will it take for in stock wigs to ship out?

Already made wigs will ship approximately in 3-4 weeks from the day it's purchased.

Orders are not processed on weekends and holidays. If you order on the weekend your order will begin being processed on the next business day. We do not offer overnight shipping.


Do you accept returns?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us here at Savi Hair Collection. We follow strict

guidelines and rules with inspecting each bundle and custom made wig prior to shipping it out. For that reason, refunds or exchanges are not accepted.


Do you have units in stock ready to ship?

Yes, based on availability some units are in stock. If in stock the unit will have "In Stock", listed by it. If a unit is in stock and ready to ship, please allows 5-7 business day for processing time after payment has been received and verified. 


Can my wig be dyed?

Yes, You can dye your wig. Savi hair uses 100% raw human hair, the hair can be dyed.

We recommend having it dyed by a professional who has experience with 100% virgin hair.


How do I track my order?

After payment has been received, verified and order has been processed. You will receive your first email verifying your shipping address and a second email providing you with the tracking number.


Can I sleep in my wig?

We recommend taking your wig off a night and placing it on a wig head. However, you can also wrap it, and secure it with a silk bonnet so you will be able to wake up with flawless results and avoid tangles.


I have no hair, can I still wear a wig?

Yes, you can most definitely wear a wig. Savi Wigs come with an extra band that allows for the wig to be very sturdy and stay in place. You can also secure your wig with gots2bglued, which you can purchase by clicking here


Can I sew the wig down?

Yes, you can absolutely sew the wig down, if this is what you prefer, it is totally up to you.


What payment method do you accept

Payments accepted at this time is through PayPal.


How many bundles do I need for a sew in ?

Savi Hair Collection recommends 3-4 bundles depending on how full you want your

sew-in to be.


How many ounces are in each bundle?

Each bundle is about 3.3 ounces, many vendor will state that each bundle they sell is

3.5 ounces, however it is not. When the bundles are sewn on the weft, the machine will

blow out some short and gray hair causing the finish product to be 3.3 ounces.


Will Savi Hair Shed?

Minimal shedding is expected, as with all virgin hair. We recommend sealing your weft

ad not cutting your wefts to avoid shedding.


What kind of hair is Savi Hair Collection?

Savi Hair is uniquely sourced 100% virgin human hair. Each bundle is double drawn,

machine wefted for protection and longevity of bundles.

Savi Hair can be washed, heat can be applied and can by dyed by a professional to

achieve a different color.


How do I order a custom lace frontal wig?

You can order a custom lace frontal wig by going to the Savi Hair Tab.


How long will my custom order take?

A custom wig order will take between 3-4weeks


How many bundles will I need for a full look when designing a custom unit?

You will need 3 bundles for a full look. If you are using bundles lengths longer than 20", you will need 4 bundles to create a full look.


Can I send my own hair for a unit to be made?

At the moment No, wigs will only be made with hair from Savi Hair.